Magnetic Therapy Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis & Blood Circulation


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Using magnets in alternative medical treatments and orthotics is a common practice throughout many regions of the globe.
Magnetics-affected charged particles and have been proclaimed to exert a healing force on our bodies. Magnetic shoe insoles have been shown to reduce foot ache and give one a boost.
Let’s take a look at why magnetic insoles are a favorite.

Magnetic Insoles For Treating Medical Conditions

Magnets have been in use in medicine since the 1500s in recorded history. They are known to increase blood flow and aid oxygen to circulate the body. If this is the case, magnetic insoles can be highly beneficial to those with neuropathy, diabetes, leg or foot inflammation, feet injuries or infections, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and many more types of discomfort in the feet.

Science has however conducted experiments to assess if these claims are valid. The studies proved that magnets work largely as a placebo, with effects of the magnetism being minor. However, there is orthotic value in acupressure points, which many magnetic insoles seem to have. When the magnets are placed at certain anatomical points in the feet, they can release pressure and provide relief in conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Over and above this, there are millions of people worldwide who have claimed to benefit mainly from magnet treatments, claiming that magnetic insoles work better than ordinary ones. Let’s take a closer look at magnetic shoe inserts.

The Benefits of Using Magnetic Insoles

In a poll done on magnetic insoles and ordinary insoles, it showed that 40% of the participants benefitted from using magnetic insoles. If regular insoles are not doing your foot pain enough justice, you may want to try a magnetic insole with acupressure point release to help your tired feet during the day.

A magnetic insole has further benefits over a non-magnetic insole than improving circulation.
Magnetic insoles that have magnets which are spaced apart and arranged in a way that amplifies the magnetic field are proclaimed to align our magnetics with the Earth’s magnetic field. This alignment has shown to be beneficial for some individuals, imparting a subtle boost to their strides and remedying tired, aching feet.

Athletes who are susceptible to magnetic effects may wish to purchase magnetic insoles, as some have claimed that magnetic insoles provide extra shock absorbency due to their ability for repulsion.

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